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Nantong jiangshan pesticide chemical industry co., LTD

Nantong jiangshan pesticide chemical industry co., LTD. Is located in the north of sutong changjiang river highway bridge,Country with a long history of pesticide is one of the key leading enterprise,2001Listed on the Shanghai stock exchange。Stock code:600389,The stock:Jiangshan。
    Company is located in the state-level nantong economic and technological development zone,Cover an area of an area1750m。Company to pesticide industry as the main line,Built power plants、The Yangtze river pier、Chlor-alkali chemical industry、Pesticides、New materials and their intermediates、三废治理等配套齐全的工业设施。

Corporate philosophy

  • The good faith
  • Innovation
  • Knowledge
  • Unity

The company policy

Adhere to safety first,
The construction of a harmonious;
Insist on energy conservation and emissions reduction,
Fulfill the social responsibility;
Insist on lean management,
The pursuit of excellence performance;
Adhere to the two-wheel driven,
Realize leaping development。
Pesticide products
Main variety of pesticides is glyphosate、Dichlorvos、Trichlorfon、Amide herbicide etc. Technical and drug product
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Chemical intermediates
Phenyl guanidine carbonate is an important organic intermediates in the production of pesticide and medicine
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Nanometer materials
The main production nanometer alumina powder and nano porous insulating board
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