Yellowstone zhongyu energy conservation and environmental protection technology co., LTD. Is a company committed to energy conservation and environmental protection、Set research and development、Application promotion and comprehensive service in the integration of engineering company,Is well-known both at home and abroad the central air conditioning、Solar energy、Air can be、Natural gas boiler area general agent。Provide home for customers at home and abroad、Commercial central air conditioning、Hot water project、Water treatment and building energy efficiency has a relatively complete and systematic services。    Major service project:Household、Commercial central air conditioning design and installation、Heat recovery,The school、Enterprises and institutions to contract energy management,Paid for life with hot water、Drinking water、Heating、Clean sanitation、Landscaping。Solar energy、Air source hot water engineering,Swimming pool water treatment and temperature,High temperature heat pump drying,Heating system design and installation,Environmental protection、Decoration engineering,Photovoltaic (pv) power generation、Industrial plant......[Read in detail]
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      The company has a complete after-sales service system,Professional and technical personnel。Warranty period of product maintenance free,Outside the warranty period will charge cost of raw materials﹑Artificial cost﹑Travel expenses。The company in addition to the company sold products to provide services,For the project to provide technical support and maintenance services of the company。                      Contact phone number:0714-6507866                      ......[For more details]
      Company perennial recruiting air-conditioning sales staff members﹑A number of management personnel。      Responsibility:Responsible for the company's business,Mainly air-conditioning sales,Qualifications:Can bear hardships and stand hard work,Serious and responsible work,Proactive。Related experience is preferred,Work time:8Hours a week,Single to take a week,The national legal holiday vacation as usual。Welcome people with lofty ideals to join our team。       Wages:Base salary+Commission。   Gender:There is no limit      Contact phone number:0714-6507866    &nbs......[For more details]
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