Chang beacon's main in the Ming dynasty:Aviation obstruction light、Beacon light, etc!
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Professional aviation obstruction light manufacturers
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10Years focused on aviation obstruction light beacon light warning signs such as research and design of lamps and lanterns of sales through-train service。Their own electronic engineer,The structure designer,Optical design、Installation and other professional and technical personnel300Several large and medium-sized enterprises a common choice.
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Chang bright beacons, henan mechanical and electrical equipment co., LTD. Is a collection research and development、Design、Production and sales in the integration of the professional company of intelligent aviation obstruction light 。Over the years,The company research and development department is devoted to the research and development of the aviation obstruction light and promotion,And constantly absorbing foreign advanced technical features of the product,Follow the international civil aviation organization(ICAO) Standard appendix 14 volumesⅡ《International standards and recommended practices》、The federal aviation administration(FAA)Requirements、China's civil aviation industry standardsMH/T6012-1999《Aviation obstruction light》And related standards;Successively developed the high、In the、Low light intensity normal long-life aviation obstacle lights、 Using single chip computer control technology of computer intelligent aviation obstruction light、Solar aviation obstruction light,GPS Locating aviation obstruction light four series products...To check the details
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